by Periander A. Esplana

This eBook is all about genius and intelligence.  Do you want to be a genius?  Do you want to nurture your child to become a real genius?  Do you want to help your friends or loved ones to achieve success and self-fulfillment?  Do you want to know the secrets of genius thinking, problem-solving, time management, research or study, decision-making, and productivity?  Do you want to unlock the vault of contentment, satisfaction, enjoyment, and happiness? 

If your answer is yes to the above questions, then this eBook is for you!

This is one of the greatest gifts that you can give to yourself and to your loved ones.

This book will save you the time, energy, money, and effort in learning the greatest secrets of genius in the quickest and easiest way possible to mankind.

Since I was five years old (this is the time I’ve learned to read and write in English and Filipino languages), I have studied, researched and read through hundreds of books or eBooks on genius per se and thousands of books or eBooks on intelligence and knowledge, watched countless video documentaries or tutorials, attended various seminars or workshops, and of course, I also communicated or talked with some of the greatest intellectuals or geniuses of our time with a single purpose in mind which is no other than to unlock the secrets of genius.

I will prove the above statement by showing to you my library of eBooks on genius so that you can see clearly the abundant resources behind this eBook.

In the first chapter, you’ll learn the thirty-three (33) definitions of genius which I have converted and transmuted into esplain dimension (simple equation, identity and diagram) to summarize each key concept from the complex conglomeration of thirty-three books on genius and intelligence.

Instead of giving you an explanation (explain: to make its meaning externally plain) for each excerpt, I’ll give you an esplanation (esplain: to make its meaning essentially plain). We define ESPLANATION as the process of elucidation which used simple mathematical equation, graph or diagram for easy and instant comprehension.

These definitions of genius are perfect enough to reveal the different aspects of genius as seen from various perspectives.  You cannot find any other definition and explanation that is not contain in its essence from those definitions.

By knowing these 33 genius esplanations, you will learn and unlock the secrets of famous geniuses in the intellectual history of mankind such as Einstein, Newton, Da Vinci, Kant, Tesla, Edison, Babbage, Rizal, Boyle, Pascal, Maxwell, Faraday, Hegel, Mozart, Pasteur, Calvin, Leibniz, etc. 

In the second chapter, you will learn the sixteen (16) secrets of genius for “easy” reading which will cause you to stop moment-by-moment for relaxation to think deeper, wider, better, brighter, and smarter than anyone.

Study them very carefully and assimilate them one at a time so that you can greatly benefit from them throughout your lifetime.  Each secret pointed out extraordinary insight, transdimensional principles, supracelestial truth, and brilliant paradigm.

This eBook is final and complete! 

There’s no other book on genius like this for just by reading this eBook, you are already making yourself a genius. The true self-realization is genius-realization!

Within the pages of this eBook and in this website, you'll also find genius eBooks that cost hundreds of dollars but you can instantly download all for free.

See it for yourself and believe it!

In the third chapter, the most important of all, is the revelation given by the Book of books about genius. 

A priceless secret guide will be revealed in front of your very eyes.

And in the fourth chapter and fifth chapter, the mind-expanding and heart-inspiring reflections provided for you will unravel the mysteries of the universe, life and man. You'll never be the same again.

By simply understanding and comprehending all of them, together with additional genius tools and resources listed in the appendices, you’ll find yourself transcending into the ladder of genius.

As an astounding bonus for you, at the end of this eBook, you will be surprised to know that you can convert your android device into multi-purpose genius gadget that you can easily use everyday.  Knowledge is power.

Let your journey to genius begin!  Download the eBook instantly...

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Chapter One: Thirty-three (33) Equations of Genius (Definitions of Genius with Esplanation: Mathematical/Graphical Encapsulation)

Chapter Two: Sixteen (16) Amazing Secrets of Genius

Prioritizing interpersonal and intrapersonal relationship

Encouraging non-conventional problem-solving method

Replenishing triperspectival mode of thinking with holistic focus

Inspiring responsible and functional freedom with growth mindset

Activating constant sharing of blessings with others

Nurturing imagination within the bound of transformative creativity

Developing automatic transmuted reaction against tragic failures

Empowering disciplined intuition and practical excavation

Revolutionizing traditional belief on achieving dreams

Exploring the world through lateral thinking

Systematizing unrelated, chaotic stuffs into one beautiful idea

Planning ahead of time and accomplishing it on time

Learning new knowledge as many as you can

Acquiring global vision based on immediate and remote situation

Networking and replicating the better and the best

Aspiring only goodness, truthfulness and graciousness in everything

Chapter Three: The Bible’s Secret Guide to Genius

Chapter Four: BEYOND GENIUS: Reflections on the Final Authority of the Universe

Chapter Five: 7 P’s of Genius and 16 Essential Things to Do Everyday



Something to Think About

Twenty Characteristics of Genius

About the Author

Link, Blink and Think


How to Convert Your Android Device Into a Multi-purpose Genius Gadget


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“Any necessary truth, whether a priori or a posteriori,

could not have turned out otherwise.” - Saul Kripke

“Education is a complex, multifaceted, and painstaking process,

and being gifted does not make this less so.” - Terence Tao

“Logic is not a body of doctrine, but a mirror-image of the world.

Logic is transcendental.” - Ludwig Wittgenstein

“Christ is the way of science, the truth of philosophy

 and the life of religion.” – Periander Esplana





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